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Expand your Experience

Whether you come on to the team as a car fanatic or completely clueless, we’ll get you up to speed. You’ll have opportunity to learn how to use a lathe or mill in Link Hall’s very own Machine Shop, run simulations, weld, fabricate body work, or design parts on SolidWorks or Inventor and 3D print prototypes. At the same time you’ll learn how to stick to deadlines, apply what you’ve learned in the classroom, and be a contributing member of a team. Regardless of your background, we’ll make sure you’re placed in a position that can allow you to grow.


Be a part of something bigger than yourself

We’re building a fully-functioning racing vehicle to compete against dozens of other teams across the nation and the world. This is a once in a lifetime chance to be a part of something bigger than just yourself. You’ll be carrying on a legacy prepared more than a decade ago, paving the way for Citrus Racing to succeed in the future.


Driven to Succeed

Freshman or graduate student, economics major or engineering, male or female, we don’t discriminate. As long as you’re a member of the team, you contribute to the best of your ability, and want to advance the efforts of Citrus Racing, you’re a part of our family. Being a member of our team opens you up to new friends, fun times, and even future job prospects.


Citrus Racing isn’t your ordinary extracurricular activity. I joined this team knowing nothing but I was eager to learn. Being a member of this team has been the most challenging, thrilling, and rewarding experience of my academic life.

– Sophia Upshaw, Former Team Member


If you’re a student at Syracuse University and you’re interested in joining Citrus Racing, click the button below to fill out a quick form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.